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At integrity stone work, we specialize in creating the best countertops for all your home needs. When you need the best work done, it is always reasonable to work with professionals.

Our main goal is to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. We deal with different types of countertops, including:


The granite counters are mined in blocks from the ground. These blocks are then sawn to create tiles and slabs.
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This is a metamorphic rock that is found within mountainous regions in many countries all over the world.
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Soapstone is a non-porous material. Traditionally, soapstone was commonly used in chemistry lab tabletops.
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The remaining pieces are what we call remnants, and there are different ways to ensure that they are properly used to reduce wastage.
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Find Home Inspiration from the amazing collections. The modern countertop fireplace combine heating and decorative needs.
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These are the four stone types that we deal with.

You can contact us to explore your options and get more information about the materials that interest you.

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