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Integrity Countertops is the best place to get the very best home renovations. We deal with four different materials to ensure that your countertops look their best. We can handle remnant projects as well. If you are in Burlington or the surrounding areas, you should not hesitate to call us as we are fully operational in the area. This is the best place to access the very best in granite, quartz, soapstone, and marble countertops. We understand our materials very well and will evaluate your project and advice you accordingly.

Burlington is a populous city that is in Washington State. It is a great place with rich culture and one of the best places to live. Education in the area is impressive, one of the main reasons homeowners invest in the area. Due to the great potential of this area and the surroundings, we offer our services here.

If you want to have a kitchen or bathroom with great textured beauty, then soapstone is the way to go. It can help you come up with environmentally friendly options. There are many reasons why one should upgrade to such countertops.

Countertop color choice

Choosing the right color for your countertops can be a very tricky thing for you. We are here to make things so much easier. We have the best countertop options for you to choose from. We can offer some guidance based on different factors.

Cabinet color

You have to consider whether you are getting new cabinets and color in mind. Several things can assist you with your choice. If the countertops are being installed over some old cabinets, you can pick a color that matches the old cabinets. The countertop should blend in with the new color if you are getting new ones.

No rules exist when it comes to picking the right colors. However, if your cabinets are light, you can choose dark countertops. This is one of the things that can work out for you and give your home that timeless look. The concept enhances the contrast between the two. The darker cabinets can disguise drips and splashes as you clean. Because countertops are cleaned regularly than the cabinets, a lighter top is better. Spills will be cleaned many times a day.


You should consider the floors as well. It is not nice to have the flooring and countertop to match. However, ensuring that the colors fall under the same color family is wise. When the countertop and floor refuse to rhyme, the outcome is busy. Some contrast is not bad, but it should not be overdone. Integrity countertop can help you in this area, and you will love the outcome.

More tips on colors

  • If you use light cabinet finishes, pair them with a dark countertop.
  • Even if you love bold colors, it is good to add some dramatic shades with some elements such as accessories, small appliances, window coverings, and backsplashes. Being neutral is not all bad.
  • If your room has some large windows that let in natural light, you may find dark countertops a better choice as they appear more appealing.
  • The result can be a welcoming atmosphere when the countertop has a light color, and the floor tile is light. 

Color choices are critical, and we take them very seriously to give you the most outstanding look possible. 

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