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Countertop installation process

At Integrity Stonework, we have one aim, and that is customer satisfaction and services. Our main objective is to ensure that projects are worked upon and completed promptly and with the best workmanship for the best results. This is something we have achieved over and over again for many years. We have completed hundreds of projects, and we are still going. You guarantee yourself great customer service and the highest quality countertops at the end of your project by choosing us. 

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We have a very clear process of how things ought to be done and all the procedures that should be followed from the start to the end to ensure that the consumer gets the outcome they want. 

  1. Sketch

This is the first step that you should make. You need to make a sketch, a simple one will suffice, regarding the project you have in mind. We will then give you a free estimate to know just how much you may be required to invest. It is important that the estimate includes all the measurements, backsplashes, and mark finished edges. This makes it possible for us to give you a more detailed and reliable estimate. 

  1. Get in touch with us

After you do the sketch, contact us. You can do so by visiting our showroom or simply calling us on the phone. You can also email the sketch to us to take a look at it and then give you your free estimate. This allows you to make up your mind and decide whether you want us to handle the work for you or not.

  1. Select the materials

This is the interesting part. In most cases, the choice you make is totally at a personal level. We have many countertop options, and we work with many different suppliers to source the highest quality materials to complete your project successfully. If you do not know how to go about it, we willingly guide you on the different materials available. We can help you achieve elegance with natural stone countertops doe the bathroom vanity, kitchen slab shower walls, as well as the bbq and fireplace. We can guide on quartzite, soapstone, marble, and granite. 

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  1. Template appointment

Regardless of how small, big, complex, or simple the project is, we will develop a template that is exactly as you want the fabricating to be. It helps that you be present at the appointment to easily confirm the details regarding the edge profile, the radius work, the sea placement, and so on.

  1. Template layout                             

As the customer, you can help with the new countertop designs. You can take part in the layout position as well as the selection of materials. This saves time and ensures you get exactly what you want. 

  1. Building counters

After confirmation, we get down to work. We have the best machinery to ensure that the outcome is always beautifully done and fits perfectly. 

  1. Installation

We have many years of experience in this field. While working within your home, we take as much precaution as possible to ensure that the impact of dust and construction is kept as low as possible. We review all the details making sure we exceed your expectations. We handle seam marching and surface polishing to the tiniest detail. 

  1. Enjoy

After completion, it is time for you to have fun and enjoy the countertops that you chose. 

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