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Picking the Ideal Countertop

Different types of countertops can be chosen for your home. Depending on your needs and the countertop characteristics, we can help you pick the best countertop for the specific parts of the home, whether is a bathroom, kitchen, cabinets, or fireplace, we are here to help. Some things to consider are kids, cooking styles, size, budget, and more.  

Understanding the different available options makes it so much easier to make up your mind and choose the perfect fit.

Countertops can make a great difference to your space. They are by far the most used surfaces in your homes.  Since life is lived on these spaces, the perfect countertop is an important decision.

Most countertops are extracted from the earth and the mineral color, speckles, and veining will be unique to your home.  We’ll help you consider all the variables to the vision in your mind becomes a reality.

Whether it ends up being quartz, granite, soapstone, or marble, you end up with very distinctive and unique countertop which will last a lifetime!

Countertop Installation

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Our countertops are permanent and are many unaffected by heat. What this means to you is that once we install them, they will be there for a very long time. Durability is a trademark of stone. We will go through care instructions and be there to answer any questions from our first visit on forward.

If something happens to your new countertop such as a watermark, stain, or chip; reach out and we’ll chat about restoration options as possible.

There are different options of stones available. Care is dependent on the kind of stone that you have installed. There are also basic ways to take care of the countertops so they remain beautiful and last a long time.

Countertop Installation Basics

We ensure that joints are sealed with the best materials available on the market. We will consider everything for you from future plans to the ideal thickness of your countertops. Stone slabs come in different thicknesses.  Some common sizes are three-quarter inches or one and a quarter inches thick. Depending on different factors, your perfect size may vary. Of course, this is what we are for. We will walk you through everything.

If you’re researching countertops for an upcoming kitchen remodel, you’re probably seeing all types of information.  Some may be accurate, and some may not.  Our recommendation would be to talk to a low-pressure representative who has your best interest in mind.  Our goal is to help you choose us and have an amazing experience, so you tell your neighbors and friends.


Staining is one of the things you have to consider when choosing kitchen countertops. How easily does that happen, and how easily can stains be removed. Since spills are bound to happen in the kitchen, we can help you make the right choice and reduce the chances of staining happening.


For countertops to be used in the bathrooms and near sinks, it is important to know whether they are water-resistant or not. It helps to install water-resistant options when you need them to be around water all the time. These also limit the growth of bacteria, which can be damaging. 


If used in the kitchen or near a fireplace, the material must be heat-resistant and should not be easily damaged by heat. These are some of the things we consider and help you pick the ideal countertop material. 

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