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Marble is another material that we use to create the best and most attractive countertops. This is one of the most versatile materials that we can use for your projects. It is important to make the right countertop option, and this is an area that we can help with.

Why use Marble

Many marbles are great for application in wet areas which means it is a perfect choice for bathrooms. It can be easily used in showers and tub decks. True marbles are usually made using calcite crystals as the main building block. 

These are things that are found in bar servings and the kitchen. This calcite is quite vulnerable to mild acid attacks. This is something that everyone ought to be aware of before selecting this material for their home. It is important to be ready for regular maintenance. 

When used in exteriors, marble can be affected by weathering elements such as acid rain. Exterior applications are often limited to white marble, even though there may be some exceptions to the rule. 

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Premium design

One of the things that make marble such a popular option is the status that it holds. 

It often has a premium design which is what most people want. Marble has long been used as an upscale material used in buildings and with classical sculptures for a very long time now. 

This is why it is closely associated with opulence and class. 

Eco-Friendly and Safe

Marble is a rock, metamorphic to be precise. The rock is formed naturally, and this is done when dolomite or limestone is subjected to extreme pressure within the crust of the earth. 

Different impurities lead to the formation of marble in different varieties in terms of styles and colors. We have many styles and colors available, and you can pick the one you prefer for your household. 

The presence of uniqueness leads to a great design element that is desirable at the end of the day. 

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Marble Maintenance

Marble is a very popular option, and we can perfectly handle its installations to ensure they remain durable. Maintenance is very important to ensure that they last long. 

Even with their popularity, the option still has some shortcomings that cannot be ignored, and one needs to be aware of it. Compared to the other materials that we use; marble is not as durable. 

Another thing to note is that this material is rather porous, which means it is quite susceptible to stains if it does not get regular treatment using a sealant. 

This only tells you that if you pick marble, you should be ready to maintain it regularly. 

Selecting the Right Marble

Also, this material is not as hard as other materials such as quartz and granite. This means that it can easily chirp and scratch. This requires extra caution to be taken when you are using this material as much as you can. 

By getting in touch with us, we can walk you through all the available options and send you samples of projects already completed. We can help you make a lasting and suitable choice for your needs. 

We can help you eliminate all the options available and assess your current condition and needs. 

Choosing marble could be a matter of preference. Regardless of what we choose, we are dedicated to giving you the kind of outcome you desire as we work hand in hand to ensure you realize your dream.

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