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Choosing countertops is one of the most important things to do when moving to a new place or constructing a home or high-end residence. There are different colors to pick and different styles that could make you feel like you are in a complete home. It helps to take time to understand all the available options and which one could be the most ideal in your case. 

One of the best countertops that we handle is quartz. Before picking this option, you have to understand the kind of maintenance required for quartz and other related things to know whether it is the right pick for you. 


How much the quartz countertops will cost you depends on different factors. This includes how much is needed for the countertops to feel complete and the kind of style you pick some premium types of this material to have a high price range. When picking the best, you will have to consider the cost of installation as well. This can determine whether you can afford the quartz or not and help you make a better or wiser decision related to the budget. If you have other countertops already installed, you will have to find out if the installation cost covers the removal of the older ones. Talk to us for more details. 

Making quartz countertops

These types of countertops are usually artificial. They are engineered stones that are created within factories. They are usually done by mixing up actual or real quartz and other types of stones through bonding using plastic resin. The stones will make up around 90 percent of the quartz and around 10 percent plastic in most cases. That is why quartz ends up looking and feeling like a true stone would. 

Caring for quartz

Quartz is one of the most durable options that you can pick. It’s a material that does not scratch and stays new even after years of use. It is a non-porous material as well. This means it does not hold any bacteria. However, it should not be used to serve as a cutting board. You can use the countertop for so many things without causing it any harm. This makes it one of the most suitable countertop options available. 

There is not much needed to care for quartz, and it does not require any sealing. This is another thing that makes it such a great choice.


Even with heavy usage, quartz countertops don’t stain. Regardless of the kind of spills that get left on it, it will never stain. There are some stubborn spills that you could note on the countertops, but they can be easily cleaned out with regular laundry cleaners. 


Simple wipe-up is enough you clean up the countertops. There is no other maintenance needed for this material which is a wonderful thing. It can be easily cleaned with whatever is readily available within the home. A cleaning wipe or a soapy rag can do the trick. You should not use any abrasive cleaners or bleaches because they are not needed. 

Heat resistance

With heat, you have to be careful since the heat can end up damaging the countertops. This does not mean a hot cup of coffee can do damage. It is about hot pots that are just out of the oven set directly on the countertop. Avoid that, and you should have no issues. 

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