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Remnants and how we make use of them

The remaining pieces are what we call remnants, and there are different ways to ensure that they are properly used to reduce wastage. After we do natural stone installation projects, we end up with so many remnants that are not the correct size for countertop creation, but they tend to be too large to waste away. For this reason, we need to find a proper way of using them.


What We Do







Remnants from different materials give us a chance to be very creative to utilize them far beyond our normal countertops. We handle other projects with remnants. Once we do your countertops, we can offer to do additional projects within the home with the remnants to ensure that the pieces are used within your home and match what has already been installed.

Remnants are medium or small stones that are cut from the larger slabs. We remain with unused parts after we carved countertops from quartz, marble, soapstone, or granite. We use them in different areas such as furniture pieces, fireplace surrounds, shower ledges/seats, and vanities, among others. 

Cost of remnants

When we talk about remnants, many people assume that they are cheap materials often given out at a bad price because they are unwanted or leftover waste. This is far from the truth. The remnants do indeed come from larger slabs. However, they cannot be termed as waste. We decide how countertops need to be cut from the slabs to ensure that the slab is used to the maximum and to reduce waste. It is in this way that customer costs are reduced. When cutting, we still end up with some remnants that can be used in additional projects within the home or in some other place where they may be needed. 

Remnants are only smaller pieces of natural stones or engineered stones. This does not mean that they are cheap or of a low quality. It means they are too small to handle another complete countertop project which is alright. They are still big enough to handle smaller projects. The sizes can be very close to small project sizes, reducing waste when producing such pieces. This then reduces the price that has to be paid for the materials. 

When a homeowner needs an exotic remnant, it does not mean that it will be that cheap. While it is true that the size is smaller and waste costs reduced, the stone is still very valuable and has the same premium quality as the proximal slab. It is not just a cheap leftover. 

If one has a smaller project, it does not make sense to start cutting a new slab altogether to get the smaller piece. In that case, the smaller remnant slaps can be used for the project. If a bugger slap is used to cut a smaller slab, it leads to even more remnants which are not a good way of doing things because the homeowner may have to buy the bigger slab that will not be utilized, leading to even more wastage and price at the end of the day. 


Some homeowners prefer using remnants for their projects for uniqueness and wider designs. This is often a matter of preference.

The main issue with using remnants is that we have different pieces from granite, soapstone, quartz, and marble. The main challenge is that different projects deal with different colors, so finding colors that match to complete a project may be hectic. 

We can assess your project and advise you accordingly regarding what you need to get the projects you may have done right.

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