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Why granite is such a great surface to have in your bathrooms


Granite countertops have become a very popular choice, especially in bathroom areas, and they tend to boost the home value. Granite has a very attractive appearance, which is why people pick it in the first place. Knowing more about granite can help you decide whether it is the right choice for you or not. 

Several things can explain why a granite countertop is such a good option when upgrading your bathroom or building a new bathroom in a new home. 

  1. Increasing home value

Most homeowners ask for granite when they are making home improvements. Most of the TV shows you may have seen always feature such countertop materials, and they are indeed a popular choice for the bathroom, so they are trendy. There are many materials that you could pick, but granite is the safest choice that you can make. It is a durable material, and it is truly naturally beautiful. You don’t need to change anything else in the home with granite, but you still convey luxury. It is important to add value to your home if you want to sell at a good price. 

  1. Attractive design and style

One of the reasons why granite is such a good choice is that it is natural and very unique. You won’t find truly identical pieces. Every slab comes with its own appeal and charm. There are different colors that you can pick from too. There are earth-toned slabs and others with shades of yellow, green, or red. The traditional one is the basic gray tones that give a more neutral appeal. Regardless of what you prefer personally, it is definite that you will find a slab that you will love for your home. Granite can be considered a form of art and, therefore, can be a centerpiece when remodeling the bathroom. Our company also has remnants that can perfectly fit small washrooms or bathrooms if you want to experiment with them. We can make it worth your while. 

  1. Resistance

When you are upgrading, it is sensible to find a material that is etching, heat, and stain-resistant for any part of the house. These are some of the characteristics that make granite such a perfect choice for the bathroom. This is a great choice for anyone with children in the house. They will try to do a lot, and some accidents are bound to happen. It helps to have a material that can easily withstand all that wear and tear and last long. Granite is very easy to clean. A sponge, or cloth, and a gentle cleaner can do the trick any time. 

  1. Durability

You should use granite in the bathroom because of how durable it is. Having a damage-resistant material is an incredible thing. Granite is one of the best materials you can use, and it does not chip that easily. This makes it a good choice for the bathroom area. Since bathroom spaces are not that big, you can consider using remnants. Remnants are still high-quality pieces leftover from other projects, they are not quality-compromised, but they can allow you to make some savings since we don’t need to cut pieces from bigger pieces to fit smaller projects. We can walk you through the process to evaluate whether this is something you can consider. 

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