We are constantly recognized as one of the best Everett granite and marble countertop companies in Washington State. Here at Integrity Stonework we want to help you achieve your perfect stone dreams. We always strive to use our knowledge and experience to help create what you want. 

Why are we different from other companies you may ask? We will start your project with $0 down. Unlike the others, who may ask upwards of 80% before they even start working. We only ask that you pay for your materials until our work is thoroughly inspected and your transformation is complete. We want your trust in us more than money down on a project. 

We want to show you how the countertop experience should be, easy, stress free, and satisfied in the end. The only way we’re happy is if you’re happy with the job we’ve done for you. 

Michael Cooper Quote from Website: “We are not a big box store nor a production shop, our customers are not just another job or number; they are valued and will feel that. Every Integrity Stonework customer is treated like our neighbor, friend and referral with the utmost respect and professionalism.”


Process: We offer free estimates on all projects. To start, make a simple sketch of the project you want to be done. Make sure to include measurement, mark finished edges, and backslashes so we can give you the most accurate estimate. You can call us at 425-582-1442, email or even visit us in-store at our Lynnwood location! We will be happy to help you pick the material you want from Granite, Marble, Soapstone, or Quartzite. 

Projects we do:
Kitchen countertops,  Bathroom Vanity, Backsplash
Fireplace, Slab shower walls

Materials to choose from:
Granite, Quartz Marble, Soapstone

Template Appointment: Once we get your sketch and an idea of what you want to be done, we’ll invite you in and show you an exact template of what we will do. We want our clients to be present during this step to ensure every detail is correct and you’re happy during the whole process. We don’t want any surprises with the final product. 

Template Layout: We want our customers to be completely satisfied with Integrity Stonework, so we will also invite you in to help design the layout of your quality countertops Everett. If you’re interested in doing this we will schedule a time for you to help layout and position the templates on the material of your choosing. 

Building Your Counters: Integrity Stone pros Everett uses tools and machinery that will ensure your countertops fit perfectly and look beautiful. We make sure to only deliver a product that meets our high standards. 

Installation: We care a lot about our customers who allow us to put our work in their homes. We always take every precaution necessary to protect your home while installing your new Everett countertop, shower, or any other project. Our craftsmen pay incredible attention to even the smallest of details. Such as seam matching, surface and miter polishing, tight silicone, and caulk likes! 

Final Product: Once we are done and you’re happy with the results, you’ll be able to enjoy your new Everett countertops and show them off to all your guests!


Quartz has become very popular over the years because it’s durable, low maintenance, and there are many colors to choose from. 

Quartz kitchen countertops are a mixture of quartz and resin.  An Everett Quartz countertop will add a beautiful look to your kitchen. Quartz countertops Everett  will cost you a little bit more than a Granite countertops Everett. There is a large variety of colors to choose from if you decide to go with Colored Quartz countertops Everett Wa. 

Pros vs. Cons:

Pros: Quartz is strong like granite but has more flexibility to it so it’s less likely to get chips or cracks in them, it is a non-porous material so you wont need any type of sealing on it – maintenance free, also stain resistant – so don’t worry about spilling your wine. 

Cons: Quartz can discolor over time – especially if it’s exposed to direct sunlight – something to think about if part of your countertop would receive sunlight, you will most likely see seams with quartz – typically more so with a lighter color versus darker. 


Granite is a popular choice and has shown durability and a large variety of colors and patterns. 

Granite Countertops everett are what you typically think of when you think of a nice luxurious countertop in a kitchen. It adds a different level of elegance to your kitchen. Though granite might be a higher price point, you won’t be disappointed with it’s durability and looks. 

Granite countertops Everett are more durable than many materials you can use for your countertops, so you know they’ll last! It will definitely stand up to your regular wear in a kitchen, no need to be gentle or extra careful. 

Pros vs. Cons:

Pros: Resistant to heat – you won’t be damaging if you put a hot pan down, Able to cut directly on it – but be careful it’ll damage the knife before your countertop, you also won’t need to worry about any stains either, able to use your typical “harsh” cleaners with it. 

Cons: Granite countertops Everett can be an expensive option, typically there will be multiple seams if it’s not a large cut, granite is a porous material and will need a protective sealer when installed, Can be prone to breaking/cracking.


Marble has become increasingly popular to use as any stonework in a home. Marble will elevate any look you’re going for. 

Marble is very popular in many settings, whether it’s a kitchen countertop, the walls for your bathroom, or a backsplash to your kitchen. It’s sleek and can match any décor. Marble will help elevate the look of whichever room you’re adding it to, creating a nice luxurious look. 

Pros vs Cons:

Pros: Marble is a natural material that can be found all over the world, if taken care of properly – it can bring added value to your home, as well as being a very popular stone to decorate your home right now. 

Cons: Marble can be a fairly expensive material, it is a very heavy material, marble can stain easily – but there are stain removers for those instances, marble is a softer stone – therefore it’s susceptible to chips and cracks, if not cared for properly your marble can show signs of wear and tear over the years.


A natural stone to bring a great look to your home. 

Soapstone is a non-pourous material, traditionally used as table tops for chemistry labs. It now can be seen more in homes to bring a natural feel to your home. You can choose from a variety of colors to go with the new look you’re trying to achieve. 

Soapstone though may not be as hard as granite, is less weak and won’t crack randomly from heavy weight. With it being non-pourous it’s less likely to get stains from oil or a wine, compared to other countertop materials. 

Pros vs Cons: 

Pros: Aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean – just need to wipe down with a little soap, low maintenance, stronger than other materials.

Cons: Soapstone is a bit soft – not the best to cut on it – make sure to use a cutting board, needs occasional mineral oiling, not recommended to use harsh chemicals when cleaning.

 Why Choose Integrity Stonework?

We care about our team and always strive to make sure our workers are taken care of. Above that, we care for all of our customers. We truly work hard to make sure that we are doing everything keeping the customer in mind. If you were to be a fly on the wall in our meetings, then you would know how centered our customers are in our business. We won’t treat you like your business doesn’t matter to us. Because no matter how busy we are, we promise to treat you like our only customer. We just want our customers to be happy with our work and be excited to add something luxurious to their homes. 

If you want a company that will treat you great, and cares about you and the job from start to finish, please give us a call or send us an email. We would be honored to take on the project you want to be done and give you the highest quality you can receive. 

We will keep you involved in every step of the way to make sure that everything is perfect in your eyes. You’re going to be cooking on your new countertops Everett, looking at the backsplash, and having it be the first thing you see in your bathroom every day – we want you to be happy for years with the results of our craftsmanship. 

If you want to support a family business that’s locally owned, Integrity Stonework is the company for all your stone needs. We will work with you to create the best product that meets your vision. 

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful places on earth, lets match that beauty in your own home! Think us for your Everett Countertops! 

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